Eden Ibiza

After undergoing one of the hugest facelifts the island’s clubbing scene had ever seen back in 2013, Eden communicated its commitment and dedication to the ever-evolving island of Ibiza. Under new ownership and management, it once again considered one of Ibiza’s superclubs.

On approach you’ll instantly recognise Eden’s distinctive gold dome, one iconic element that remains unchanged, setting a mood of decadent Eastern glam by the sea _ just opposite San Antonio bay. Once inside, be prepared for an aural and visual feast _ the all-new Eden is nothing less than a garden of earthly delights. The longest running party on the island, Judgement, promises to go all out while Nick Warren brings his house and tech party, The Soundgarden to the venue.

Mansion Mondays are also in full effect all season long. With two DJ booths to bop back and forth too, a Void sound system to pump the beats, several bars to service the 5000 person capacity, a massive dance floor to get your groove on and a curved and cavernous interior its obvious that Eden is the place to be in San Antonio in summer.

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