Vacation Club Services

If you are travelling for business reasons then we can use are corporate experience to make sure that you arrive at your destination on time and in comfort with the least amount of stress involved.

We offer a one stop consultation and can look at all the key aspects of your trip and what your company aims to achieve during your visit.

So in order for us to put together the best deal for you we need to understand your objectives and then look at how attainable these are within your budget. We can also investigate if there are any more efficient alternatives that you haven’t looked at already.

This is one area a working knowledge of travel is essential so let us, the experts take the organisation of your travel off of your hands and free your time to address your primary priorities.

Music Industry

Vacation Club also offers its unique services to members of the Music Industry and has extensive experience of working with major acts to arrange their international travel arrangements and itinerary.

We are able to offer a professional service in an area that typically calls for an all-round awareness of the way aviation operates. When it comes to issues concerning availability and flexibility of travel we have the experience, knowledge and ability to work with you to ensure the smooth running of your tour.

Having built up solid relationships with many airlines over the years we are in the situation where we can use our established methods to organize the desired level exclusivity to our clients.  An example of who we’ve worked with includes; Lily Allen, Scissor Sisters, Brand New Heavies and Nitin Swahney. Additionally, we have worked with Ministry of Sound and many other internationally renowned DJ’s.

Mind, Body, Spirit

Over the years Vacation Club has successfully delivered a series of unique overseas events for paranormal enthusiasts.

These large events are attended by up to four hundred people and featuring some of the most well-known mediums.

Our roles involved selecting and contracting hotel and venue, managing flight seat allocations and airport transfers, operating optional extras programme and resort excursions and trouble shooting.

Examples of the types of events that we have organized include Spirits & the Sea and Spirits in the Sun in 2007 both of these events have been organized by Vacation Club and featured the Renowned Spiritualist Medium Derek Acorah.

Stag and Hen Parties at Home and Abroad

So you’ve been tasked with planning the last night of freedom for your best friend and you want to make sure that they get the send off that they will remember for the rest of their married life. Don’t panic although it may seem like a daunting responsibility we can help you deliver a party for your friends that delivers on all levels.

Vacation Club has extensive experience in organizing Stag and Hen parties at home and abroad so whether you are looking for partying the night away on an island in the Mediterranean or you want climb a Mountain in Scotland we can help you put together the perfect package for the Bride or Groom-to-be.

Having put together stag weekends in Ibiza for Premiership footballers we have shown that we can cater for anyone who wants to have a great time with a group of their friends away from home.

Sporting Events & Tours

Whether you want to follow your favourite premiership team in cauldron of European competition or you want to organize a football tour for your Sunday league side you are going to need some help putting together the itinerary and travel arrangements.

This is where Vacation club comes in because we have years of experience in putting together and delivering successful sporting events and tours for both fans and players alike. So whether you are watching or participating just let us know the sport or event, the size of your group and your budget and we can do the rest.

We have chartered planes for fans of Fulham AFC during their UEFA Cup campaign when they visited the following countries; Croatia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece and Italy

We also put together an annual rugby tour in Ireland so no matter what sport takes your fancy we can help you navigate that tricky away leg!

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