Es Paradis

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Es Paradis

Es Paradis was opened in August 1975 in San Antonio by the Pepe Aguirre and the artist Lluís Güell, who was also the creator of the world famous Café del Mar. Es Paradis quickly became one of Ibiza’s hottest clubs and the place to be seen.

The one thing that differentiates Es Paradis from the other clubs is its twice weekly water parties. The club rapidly turns the dance floor into a swimming pool and then the madness really begins!

Es Paradis is bright, white and airy and is in stark contrast to most clubs you may have been to before which are very dark. Sometimes you feel like you are ripping it up in a green house!

Es Paradis has many promoters including Ibiza Rocks After Party, Colours and their big Saturday night out with Hed Kandi.