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Club Tickets Ibiza club tickets are available in many places however you do need to know a couple of things:- 1. You need the cheapest price possible. 2. You need guaranteed entry to the club. Now you need to work out exactly what club in Ibiza you want to go to and on what nights. Here at Addicted To Ibiza we have teamed up with another mighty Ibiza force, Ibiza Spotlight to bring you the most up to date Clubbing Calender. You can check out the Ibiza Calendar here. Now there are a few ways to buy your Ibiza club tickets:- You can waste valuable holiday time by searching them out once you are in Ibiza and hopefully get them at the right price. Also remember sometimes tickets can become quite scarce for some of the bigger club nights. You can buy them here though our online partner Ibiza Spotlight. They offer a great and very professional service. You can print your tickets off in advance to ensure entry. This is only for people staying in San Antonio or close by. For Summer 2014 we have teamed up with the biggest and best Ibiza Ticket Outlet and Club Wear Store Solo Records. Now you can reserve your Ibiza Club Tickets beforehand for only 5 Euros per tickets and then pick them up from the shop situated in the heart of San Antonio. Once there you will just pay the balance and receive your tickets and a couple of other little extras that you will receive for booking with Addicted To Ibiza. Also you can reserve all Ibiza Boat Party Tickets too, such as Pukka Up, Garlands and many others for only 10 Euros per ticket. Remember these boat parties sell out most weeks so to ensure you do not miss out, book NOW! To reserve your Ibiza Club Tickets please use our contact form below and someone from Addicted To Ibiza will get back to you. Remember this is only for people staying in San Antonio, close by or are willing to come to Solo Records to pick them up. Ensuring you have your tickets before you arrive gives you the peace of mind that you have budgeted correctly and that you will definitely not miss out on your special Ibiza event. Related VIP TablesMarch 10, 2014Ibiza Boat PartyMarch 10, 2014Ocean BeachMarch 10, 2014

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