Ibiza Boat Party

Ibiza Boat Party Ibiza Boat Party Tickets Ibiza Boat Parties have become massive business here over the last few years and seem to be one of the must things to do while here on holiday. Every year more and more promoters try their hand at putting on an Ibiza Boat Party. Some achieve this very well, and some sink faster than the Titanic! In 2013/2014 still the main players were Pukka Up, Garlands, SWYD (Sleep When You’re Dead), Lost In Ibiza and Storm Babes. Most weeks, the Ibiza boat party tickets are sold out well in advance. Last year boat parties of some description where leaving San Antonio harbour every day. Hold tight for the new kids on the block with Carl Cox and We Love starting boat parties with the new concept Float Your Boat! Contact us for more details. In the meantime here is a little from the past Summers! If you wish to know more info about any of the Ibiza boat parties contact us using the form below or call +34 669365094. Pukka Up Ibiza Boat Party Lost In Ibiza Boat Party Read more about Lost In Ibiza and to buy tickets click here Related Club TicketsMarch 10, 2014Boat ChartersMarch 10, 2014VIP TablesMarch 10, 2014

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